Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Wedding Bands: For the Groom

Made to last
Guys play tough, and their rings should too. Eighteen-karat gold, platinum (this one wins nine times out of 10) and titanium (if there ever was an indestructible metal, this is it!) are all durable metals that won't wimp out on him. Of course, if your man works construction, for example, common sense suggests he leave his ring at home.

Comfort is key
A wedding ring may be the only piece of jewelry some men wear, so the less obtrusive it is, the less he'll fuss over it. Ergonomic bands with rounded edges and surfaces are the most comfortable and agreeable styles.

Back to basics
When choosing a wedding ring, many guys go the safe route. This is why the single band is still the most popular style. (A matte finish is too—just beware: It shows scratches more easily and prominently than its shiny counterparts.) Men tend to stretch their style muscle by adding a small diamond—or, depending on the design, several—or by exploring different metal textures and finishes.

The bigger the better?
If trends are any indication, then yes! More and more men are opting for wider bands. Just keep in mind that size does matter: The ring should be proportionate to his body size—for example, a brawnier man would better carry off a wide band than would a guy with a lanky build.

Diamonds in the rough
Bedazzled bands are quickly becoming a guy's best friend—and there's nothing sissified about them. Diamonds that lie flush in the band (as in., channel or gypsy designs) are the most fashionable and the most securely set. And we're not just talking about white diamonds: Black and dark sapphire diamonds are a hot trend, offering a look that's still masculine and suitable for everyday wear.

Textured touch
Special metal treatments give simple bands stylish flair. Hammered metal is an increasingly sought-after look, and embellishments like filigree and etched or engraved patterns—even graphic motives (think Celtic, zodiac or sports—are another way to dress up a band and showcase individual style.

Trendy titanium
This tough guy is quickly catching the eye of many a groom-to-be—and surprisingly it's the metal's "cool" factor (think power tools and Lamborghini rims) that's most responsible for its appeal. Its extreme durability is just a bonus. Titanium's matte finish is also attractive to men who are unaccustomed to wearing jewelry.

Made to match
Complementary his-and-hers wedding rings are a sweet tradition many couples embrace. While the widths may vary, the bands often share the same metal and finish.

What's his style?
Is he a suit-and-tie office guy? Or does he spend much of his time in the great outdoors or playing sports? If it's the latter, then a ring decked with diamonds is probably too dressy a look for his jeans-and-tees wardrobe.

Get him involved
He'll be the one wearing this ring, so encourage him to speak up about his likes and dislikes when it's time to shop. It's in everyone's best interest for the ring to reflect his tastes—after all, you want to see it on his finger!

Get with the band
Unlike width, which can overwhelm a smaller hand, there's really no right or wrong ring shape. He'll want to try on several styles to determine which one is most comfortable. Here are some basic shapes, named after the cross-section view of the bands.

Round: curved on the inside and outside
D-shaped: curved on the outside and flat on the inside
Flat: flat on the inside and outside
Court-shaped: softly round on the outside and fully round on the inside
Easy-fit: flat on the outside and round on the inside

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