Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Engagement Ring Trends

Colored diamonds
While most diamonds are shades of white, colored diamonds are a much rarer sort. They come in yellows, blues, pinks and the least common, red. Because of their scarcity, natural-colored diamonds (also called "fancies") cost a premium. If you've got money to burn, we say go for it. Heidi Klum dressed up her ring finger with a gorgeous 10-carat yellow diamond, codesigned by hubby Seal and jeweler Lorraine Schwartz, for her engagement.

Vintage looks
These styles are either genuine antiques or are crafted to look that way. While a lucky few may have an heirloom in their family, everyone else can purchase one from a jeweler specializing in estate pieces. Vintage rings often are etched with filagree designs, feature period (such as art deco) detailing and have particular old-fashioned handwork and settings. If you're opting for the new old look, you're not alone: Katie Holmes received a distinctly Edwardian engagement ring from Tom Cruise.

Bezel diamond setting
A bezel setting keeps the diamond in place with a lipped metal rim that encircles the gem, holding it safely in place. This modern setting offers a low profile that is great for women who lead active lifestyles. The bezel not only protects the edges of the diamond but also helps give the impression of a bigger center stone!

Engagement-wedding ring combo
If you never got around to buying an engagement ring, a combination band could be perfect for you. These are often bedazzled bands of gold or platinum studded with diamonds around the circumference. Since these rings have many smaller stones, they can often be a more economical choice than a separate engagement ring and wedding band.

With the popularity of personalization, engraving&mdash:an old-fashioned tradition—has become a newfangled trend. The inscriptions on the inside of rings can be simple, like the date of the wedding and initials of the beloveds, or more elaborate such as a line of poetry or lyrics from your favorite love song. Personalized engraving, especially done by hand has a lead time of one to four weeks, so plan ahead.

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