Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Wedding Bands: For the Bride

Perfect match
If you plan to wear your engagement ring with your wedding band, a simple metal or eternity (all-over diamonds) band are popular options. You can also have your wedding band custom-made to complement your engagement ring—this is a great way to tastefully add even more bling.

Double duty
If you never got around to buying an engagement ring or are looking to save some cash by purchasing only one ring or don't plan to wear your engagement ring often, opt for a more ornate diamond-embellished band so you can still enjoy some sparkle.

Lasting look
Choose a ring you'll feel comfortable wearing for decades to come. It is wise to avoid anything too faddish. There's a reason the classic option is classic: A simple band of metal really does go with everything.

The eternity band
This is a wedding ring that features diamonds around the circumference of the band. While many men give this style ring to their wife on an anniversary, many women select this style from the start.

Get colorful
White diamonds are traditional, but sprinkling your band with gemstones of another hue is de rigueur these days. Sapphires are a popular choice, but you can also get super personal and alternate diamonds with your birthstone.

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