Sunday, 12 February 2012

Flowers in Season for a Spring Wedding

Choosing your flowers by their season is a wonderful way to theme your day. Be inspired by the seasonal countryside for your Spring Wedding Flowers and find a sensational choice of colours, scents and styles. By choosing flowers that are in season you can create a truly timeless and connected feel for your celebration with flowers that evoke the romance of the season.

Many flowers are now imported so are available all year round but if you'd like to include seasonal blooms in your wedding flowers you may like to consider our choice for Spring weddings below:

Alliums, Anenomes, Bluebells, Christmas Roses, Columbines, Cow Parsley, Eucaluyptus, Freesia, Fritillaries, Guelder Rose, Hellebores, Hyacinths, Iris, Ivy, Jonquil, Narcissi, Paper White,Ranunculus, Rosemary, Sencecio, Snowdrops, Snowflakes, Sweet Peas, Tazetta,Ranunculus,Tulips, Viburnham Tinus, Violets